I have become very popular with Seattle’s Seikh community. I bought a taxi ride from one Seikh, and he has referred me to a half dozen of his friends. The Seikhs are the salt of the earth, honest, good family people. I like the fact that they are sympathetic to vegetarianism.

H.S. came to me with his problem. His brother had had a heart attack. His father died in India. H.S. had to support his brother and pay for his mother’s immigration. Business went sour in 2008 and H.S. had to sell his taxi just to get by. And he got behind on his mortgage.

He had a Wachovia 30-year fixed loan at 7.4%.

Things had stabilized to the point where I was able to qualify him for a Making Home Affordable Loan. I was able to lower his rate down to 2.3%.

I highly recommend that anyone who is self-employed work through an experienced modification attorney instead of trying to modify on a do-it-yourself basis.

Read H.S.’s trial payment plan and final modification here.

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