Sometimes we get lucky in love. We find the one we want to live the rest of our lives with.Sialia_sialis_Michigan_Love_Birds_NC

Sometimes we get lucky in real estate. We find the buyer or seller we want to do business with on our own.

Sometimes we sell to or buy from relatives or friends. A lot of real estate is sold by word of month, without the benefit of a real estate broker or a real estate listing.

Four-leaf_clover_NCIf you are so fortunate, feel free to give me a call. You will need someone to write up the transaction and get it into escrow, if the buyer is getting a new loan, and especially if you are selling on lease-option or a seller wrap-around deed of trust.

I do not charge for initial telephone inquiries. I do not start charging fees unless and until we agree on what the fee will be.

If you have not found the property you want to buy or the buyer who will buy your property, you need marketing. That’s what real estate brokers do. Call a broker near you. I will be available to review the broker’s work and assist with any seller financing issues.

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James Robert Deal, Attorney & Broker
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