Philip Wakefield
Criminal and DUI Defense, Personal Injury Attorney
Bothell, Washington

To Whom It May Concern:

I highly recommend attorney James Deal for mortgage modification. He was extremely successful in negotiating a substantial reduction in my mortgages this year (2010).

My income dropped substantially in 2009, when the world economy “spit hit the fan.” I fell behind nearly six months in my mortgage payments. I was also behind on my tax payments and had an IRS lien. My first mortgage was a half a million dollar ARM with HomEq at 9.99%.  My second mortgage was $129,000 ARM with GMAC at 7.9 %.

The second mortgage ARM adjusted before the first mortgage ARM did, from 7.9% to 12.99%. I almost had a heart attack when the payment went from $1,070 a month to over $3,000 a month – just on my second.

James told me to stop paying the second mortgage. I thought he was nuts.

He reasoned that because the value of the home had fallen, and the first mortgage was ahead of the second, and the IRS lien was ahead of the first, that there would be no reason for the second to foreclose because there would be nothing for them to get.

He explained that in six months the second mortgage company would “write off” the loss, send me to “collections” and that the collections company would probably accept about ten percent of the original $129,000 or a total of $12,900 to clear the debt!

Almost to the day, six months later, I got a letter from GMAC that they were “no longer going to be servicing my loan” and that my account would be turned over to Solace Financial for collections. We were able to settle the $129,000 debt for $10,000, just as James said they would. (The mortgage burning party I had was a hoot).

Then James sought the reduction of my HomEq first mortgage interest rate of 9.99%. Somehow he negotiated a reduction from 9.99% to 2% for 5 years, then up to 3% for the sixth year, then up to 4% for seventh year, and then up to 5% for the rest of the loan. Wow!

This saved me another $2,800 a month in payments. The total monthly savings I realized between the first and second mortgages is $3,970 a month! This will probably save me $750,000 over the next 30 years. With James Deal’s help, I went from imminent foreclosure to a single first mortgage of 2% and no second mortgage. He saved my ars.

If you want to hear it from me, call James at 425-771-1110, and he will give you my phone number.

Philip W, Attorney
Bothell, Washington


Hank Manns, Long Haul Trucker
Sahuarita, Arizona

From: Hank Manns
Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 6:20 PM
To: James Robert Deal
Subject: Letter of Reference
To whom it may concern:
James Robert Deal recently handled my loan modification with Bank of America.  James’ knowledge and expertise in the mortgage business resulted in an extremely satisfactory outcome.  His efforts and attention to detail made the loan modification process run efficiently and with minimal effort on my end.I had the opportunity to meet with James during a visit to Seattle and am pleased to have met such a good friend.  He is personable and knowledgeable in many areas, especially in the legal profession and I had a wonderful time during my stay.  James is a great choice to handle your affairs.Sincerely,Henry Forrest Manns

Note that I now only do modifications in Washington — unless the borrower in another state has a lawyer in that state.


Eddie Quintero, Associate Broker
Green Lake Real Estate
Cell (206) 427.2309

Read Eddie’s recommendation here.


From James:

If you need a real estate who is fluent in Spanish, Eddie Quintero is your man. He also speaks excellent English and he is good at real estate.

See his web site here:

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