James Robert Deal, Attorney at Law

Allow me to introduce myself. I am James Robert Deal, Washington Attorney, WSBA #8103.

I have been doing real estate law, escrow, tax-deferred exchanges, wrap-around and lease-option transactions, foreclosures, and residential mortgage modifications and commercial mortgage workouts since 1980. I am a Certified Foreclosure Specialist, which means I have studied foreclosures and foreclosure prevention, mortgage modification, and short sales. I am also a commercial mortgage loan officer.

I enjoy helping buyers and sellers put together transactions. I especially enjoy working on wrap-around and lease-option transaction. Buyers are having a hard time these days getting financing. Buyers can’t buy, and so sellers can’t sell. Why not have buyers utilize the seller’s financing. The buyer pays a collection account which pays the bank in the seller’s name.


Many clients hire me to work on their modifications because they want help with all the many legal issues swarming about the modification process. I believe that the modification of mortgages is the practice of law. It is a mistake for mortgage loan officers, real estate agents, and other non-attorneys to be holding themselves out as mortgage modifiers.

We help clients in deciding whether to file bankruptcy. Not all people who are in debt need to file bankruptcy.[/one_half]

Some are judgment proof and don’t need to file, simply because their creditors probably will not sue them to collect. The cost of hiring an attorney to sue would exceed what the creditor is likely to collect. My point is this: Do not jump to the conclusion that you should file bankruptcy.

Others really ought to file. If they don’t they and their family will suffer. How are you ever going to retire if you are carrying around a load of credit card debt that is not going down? Further, bankruptcy can be used as a tool go get a better modification. I only do bankruptcies in Washington.


In some cases bankruptcy can be a tool that I can use to get my clients a better modification.


If you have a question – about a wrap-around sale or mortgage modification or bankruptcy, send me an e-mail. Try to include all the facts you can think of.  If you will do this, I will reply by e-mail or call you. I want to determine whether I might possibly help you. I do not want to take on your case unless there is a reasonable chance I can help you.

I am semi-retired. I only take on as many cases as I have time to handle.

I have many other interests. I am a committed opponent of the stupid policy of polluting our drinking water with fluoride. I am the vice-president of Washington Action for Safe Water, which works to develop strategies to end water fluoridation.

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I have published numerous articles about developing a comprehensive transportation and transit policy.  I also write about the folly of nuclear power.

I have authored a book about the link between what we eat and the environment. Visit Amazon to buy it. I have been a committed vegan vegetarian since 1981. I am also a musician.

Read more about me on my legal web site and on my mortgage web site.

My point is that we are real people here, and if you hire us, we will work for you in a committed way to improve your situation.

You may call me at 425-771-1110. You may fax me at 425-776-8081. You may click here to send me an e-mail.

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