I prefer to work by e-mail. If it is at all possible, e-mail me instead of calling me. Then I won’t have to take notes and transfer my notes to my computer.

Generally my fee for mortgage modification is 1.0% of your loan balance. My minimum fee is $3,500. I ask for you to pay, upon successful completion of your modification, a percentage of the amount of money I will save you over the next five years. There is a lot of work involved, and your case may take many months to complete.

I generally ask for full payment up front. People ask what motivation I have to work hard on your case if I am already paid in full. I must say that I work hard on my cases out of a sense of duty. I appreciate knowing that I have been paid and will not have to worry about collecting my fee at the end. There is an old saying among attorneys: “The case goes good when there is money on the wood.” It is corny but it is true.

There is another reason why I ask for full payment up front: The lender will generally try to get you to distrust me and cut me out of the picture. I have a more loyal client if the client is financially committed.

I accept credit cards in payment, but I add on the 3.0% fee that the bank charges me.

Call me at 425-771-1110 for further information. Or e-mail me. The fax number is 425-776-8081.

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