Modification of Credit Card Debt

Some people are not only suffering under the weight of mortgage debt but are also covered up by credit card and other debt.

If you are in this situation, you should consider going through debt modification. It is both similar to and different from mortgage modification. I am available to assist with credit card debt modification. I will let you know if I believe I can help you. I will give you a disclosure as to what the possible downside can be.

It is possible to get your principal balance and interest rate reduced.

You can work on modifying your mortgage and your credit card debt at the same time.

Some credit card companies will “charge off” credit card debt and sell it to a collector. Often low payoffs can be negotiated after such a charge off and sale. The catch is that you have to have the cash and pay the low payoff, sometimes in one lump sum, sometimes over a period of a few months.

Some credit card companies like Citi and HSBC will file suit right away.

Negotiating with credit card companies is highly unpredictable.

Credit card debt is unsecured and can be discharged in bankruptcy.

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